Merchant Services

We offer many different ways for Merchants to process payments that are easy, secure and affordable.

Dial Pay: The Merchant can utilize any touchtone phone including cell phones to process their transactions. No equipment needed.

Electronic Data Capture (EDC): The Merchant utilizes a terminal to process transactions. We offer low cost equipment options. Merchants can choose to purchase a new or refurbished terminal or lease to own equipment with a monthly payment option of one or two years. A one year warranty comes standard with all new equipment purchases.

PC Software: The Merchant can load software onto their computer so that they use their computer versus a terminal to process their transactions. We do sell a product but the Merchant may choose their own as long as it is compatible with our system.

Internet: The Merchant connects their website to a Third Party Service Provider's website. When a cardholder goes onto the Merchants website they are able to select what they want to buy. Then they click on checkout (or whatever wording the Merchant has set up) when they are ready to pay for their purchase. The cardholder is then taken to the Service Provider's website. The cardholder is then asked for several things that may include; name on the card, card number, expiration date, zip code, CVV2, etc. This is then authorized and settled using the Merchant account with Security BankCard Center.