Merchant Services

We offer low cost equipment options. Merchants can choose to purchase a new or refurbished terminal or lease to own equipment with a monthly payment option of one or two years. A one year warranty comes standard with all new equipment purchases.

Ingenico ICT220

  • Black & White Display
  • Dual Comm: Dial & IP
  • Memory: 16MB of Flash and 16MB of Ram

Ingenico IWL250

  • GPRS-Wireless
  • Memory: 128MB of Flash and 32MB of Ram
  • *Requires Base for charging and download


  • Dual Comm = Dial & IP
  • Memory: 114.53MB of Flash and 27.64MB of Ram


  • GPRS-Wireless (includes Contactless NFC)
  • Memory: 119.75MB of Flash and 59.14MB of Ram
  • *Requires Base for charging and download