Agent Bank Program

There are many benefits to your bank when you partner with us.

No Risk To Your Bank on the Credit Card Issuing Program
Security BankCard Center assumes all of the risk of non-collectible accounts and other costs directly related to losses or collection efforts. We will also fund the credit card portfolio for your bank and provide account management, processing, billing and related functions at no additional cost.

Promotional Assistance
To help you meet your goals, we develop and produce all necessary marketing materials related to your credit card program at no additional cost. All materials are customized with your banks brand and logo so customers retain their trust in your institution.

Customized Credit Cards
Credit Card plastics are customized with your brand and logo. Just another way we strengthen your customer's perception of your bank, keeping your card top of wallet, and assisting with awareness to prospective customers throughout your community.

Competitive Interest Rates
We offer competitive low introductory rates on all consumer credit cards and all Corporate and Purchasing cards. The variable interest rate is based on U.S. Prime published in the Wall Street Journal on the 10th day of the prior month.

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